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The French company Filorga with the unique Tri-Hyal technology. Filorga are innovative products with hyaluronic acid that allow you to meet every need of the patient, whether it is a delicate correction or smoothing superficial wrinkles or improving volumetry and filling deep wrinkles and furrows. This is how fillers work.

The French company Filorga, a leader on the aesthetic medicine market, has created an innovative range of preparations for correction and rejuvenation. Thanks to the unique Tri-Hyal technology, the new fillers are very effective and allow you to achieve excellent results. The results of the 18-month blind test and measurement with profilometry and ultrasound equipment confirmed the high tolerance, safety and long-term results of the use of Art Filler products.

ART FILLER® is a line of hyaluronic acid fillers with lidocaine to smooth surface and deep wrinkles, firm lips and improve face volume and features.
The range of unique Art Filler fillers was inspired by the dreams and needs of modern women who want to keep their young, beautiful skin as long as possible, but do not want to look artificial or unnatural. Therefore, scientists from Filorgia focused on the "touch of French beauty" and not on the "American dream". They managed to obtain preparations based on hyaluronic acid that restore the natural volumetry, fill furrows and wrinkles and improve the density, quality and hydration of the skin, regenerating it from the inside. The range is enriched with lidocaine, an anesthetic substance that makes Art Fillers treatments extremely comfortable.

The Tri-Hyal technology used in the Art Filler range allows for an extremely precise application of acid, achieving a very natural, artificial rejuvenation effect and a short "down time", i.e. the recovery time after the treatment. Scientists at Laboratoires Filorga achieved this by combining free hyaluronic acid molecules with different chain lengths of modified acid. Thanks to this, what has been difficult to achieve until now: the innovative Art Filler preparations not only spread perfectly, but also remain in the places of administration. Specialists emphasize their "predictability", which means that the preparations do not move through the skin and do not cause side effects. Clinical studies conducted using medical equipment (profilomertia and high-frequency ultrasound) have proven that Art Filler fillers do not cause granulomas and inflammatory foci . The high quality of the preparations and their safety are guaranteed by biologically pure hyaluronic acid.

Modern Art Filler fillers, apart from advanced technology and a natural rejuvenating effect, are also distinguished by exceptional durability. Advanced clinical trials (ultrasound and polymetric methods), carried out before the preparations were introduced to the market, confirmed the spectacular effectiveness of the products, their durability of up to 18 months and exceptional skin tolerance. Throughout the study period, no side effects or complications were found after the use of the preparations. It also means that the recovery time after the procedure, "down time", is extremely short.

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