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Why Juvederm !!!

Juvéderm is the world's leading brand that produces hyaluronic acid,
Juvéderm products are an ideal solution for dealing with the signs of skin aging, have a positive effect on the overall condition of the skin, moisturize,
fill in giving a natural effect - emphasize and shape,
Juvéderm products are used in our clinic only by doctors, which ensures their safe administration.
Based on the materials developed by the manufacturer, we have prepared a short description of selected products that we have in our offer below:

JUVÉDERM® VYCROSS ™ is a range of breakthrough preparations based on an innovative combination of various molecular techniques, which allows the effective use of hyaluronic acid in a lower concentration. This ensures less swelling of the mouth blight after the treatment. Breakthrough in terms of technology fillers based on hyaluronic acid with excellent filling properties, guarantee natural and long-lasting effects. They gently remove signs of aging, emphasize and improve facial features, restore the firmness and vitality of aging skin. They have the form of a gel with a smooth consistency.

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